Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.

The title of this passage is also a song of Michael Jackson. Yeah, don't stop till you get enough. I haven't got enough, I haven't got what I want to get, then I won't stop.

knowing having passed the pre-verification of BUAA and ZJU, I immediately have a sense of liberation and then it immediately turn to pressure and motivation. I have to work hard to reach my target, no matter whether it's what I like or not.

I will imagine when I finally get the certificate, I'll tell the world I'm worth having it.

Today's 12.26, one of my junior school classmates' birthday is today. Happy birthday to her, although she's impossible to be aware of it.

Yesterday's 12.25, what's the most important festival abroad. Life seems more and more boring. Dream is stll the dream, path to reach it seems longer and wider. Winter's finally came with cold wind freezing me. No one will warm me.

Whatever I do could not take a little function. I can't concentrate myself on reciting English. Even if I've recited any, Few hours later they'll be forgotten untill nothing left.

Sleeping is becoming the most favourite sport of me, instead of football, which fewer and fewer classmates want to play with me, only for a little more time on homework. What they say is "I have a cold." or "I have a fever". While they unbelievablely solve out math problem quite well. I don't mind they need to lie to compete with others, but I'm tired of it. Why is expressing our real emotion so difficult?

There'll hold a party next Thursday. Perhaps it'll be more than boring. I want to watch a film that afternoon but no one want to be my companion. I'm lonely, more than lonely.

I'm lonely, more than lonely.

No such individual exists,

Who can I rely on?